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About Paxton Products

Paxton Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Paxton Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Paxton Products is the industry leader in air delivery solutions, services and products. Paxton Products is part of the globally recognized Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a Fortune 200 company located in Chicago, Illinois. For over 50 years, Paxton Products has provided superior products, unmatched engineering expertise and an industry-best warranty with a 100% performance guarantee.

In 1957, Paxton Products introduced the racing industry’s first high-performance supercharger, an air compression device that enhanced the speed and performance of the engine. In response to the 1970’s energy crisis, Paxton pioneered the first centrifugal blower for commercial and industrial applications, utilizing the same high-performance, energy-efficient air delivery technology used in the supercharger. The blower for industrial applications was driven by an electric motor and pulley system, producing significant amounts of air flow with minimal energy usage.

A pioneer in the development of air-knives and widely regarded as an expert in air flow systems and solutions, Paxton has refined today’s air-knife designs for “precision-drying,” coating control, removal of dust and other unwanted materials, as well as air curtains and other drying applications. Paxton Products’ technical application engineers have decades of experience and can design a solution for your application needs.

With over 50 years of industry expertise combined with the strong global foundation of ITW, Paxton Products is now the preferred solution for drying and blow-off applications around the world.


Market Leadership

Over 50 years of industry innovation and market leadership in blow-off and drying systems

Customized Solutions

Trusted engineering expertise in the design of solutions tailored to meet specific application needs while maximizing energy efficiencies and lowering operating costs

100% Performance Guarantee

Systems are guaranteed to perform to customer specifications

Large Installed Base

A comprehensive list of customers including those with clean-room application requirements

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