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Engineered Air
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The list is substantial ……….and growing. You can send moisture packing from almost anything. From poultry to printed circuits boards and printing plates. From cans, car batteries, castings and carbon rods. From extruded metal to engine blocks.

The raw power of a Paxton Air Knife will even remove swarf from metal components. In gentler vein, you can achieve delicate control of zinc coating on a hot dip steel sheet. Of glue spreading on ready pasted wallpaper. Or of batter spreading on fish and other food stuffs.


Food & Beverage

Paxton systems are ideal for bottling, packaging, canning and pouch applications. They offer fast throughputs, with corrosion prevention and rapid cleaning/dry off. They offer versatility and hygienic performance.

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Industrial & Electronics

Our systems are utilised across all industry sectors. In manufacturing plants we can provide drying, blow-off, cleaning and static neutralisation solutions. Working in heavy industry through to more delicate medical or electronic parts.

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Automotive & Aerospace

For drying metal or plastics parts after rinsing or even removing coolant emulsion and swarf during a machining process. Our systems are employed on individual components through to assembled vehicles.

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Rubber & Plastics

Extrusion lines are common place in these industries and products pass through water baths to cool. Our solutions are widely used to remove water droplets following liquid cooling and prior to further processing.

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