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Engineered Air
Paxton Products

Industrial & Electronics

Our systems are utilised across all industry sectors. In manufacturing plants we can provide drying, blow-off, cleaning and static neutralisation solutions. Working in heavy industry through to more delicate medical or electronic parts.

Diverse Benefits for Industry

Air Knife Systems provide a wide diversity of benefits for industrial processes and component manufacturing over a variety of industry sectors. A powerful tool with an extensive range of industrial applications.

  • Delivers clean, dry, oil-free air
  • Speed, efficiency and reliable performance
  • No water spots or related problems
  • Moisture and corrosion prevention
  • Adaptable to various line speeds or conveyor type
  • Hardened and durable stainless steel air knives & nozzle manifolds.
  • Space-efficient, easy to install, low maintenance

Proven Cost Effective

  • A Paxton Air Knife will generate cost savings, speed up operations and/or provide other improvements in the manufacturing process. In many cases, assembly and conveyor line speeds have been increased by as much as 50% due to the efficiency of a Paxton Air Knife.
  • Investment paybacks are often achieved in just a few months, sometimes in a matter of weeks, providing a superior return-on-investment.

Speed, efficiency and reliable performance


Delivers clean, dry, oil-free air

Drying Electronic Components, Cleaning and Other Applications:

  • Drying after washing — drying is critical before coding, marking, painting or coating.  Paxton Air Systems can provide spot drying, or all-over drying, using a custom-engineered air delivery system
  • Blowing Off  — removal of debris, metal or wood shavings, dust or powder cleaning agents, oils or sealants
  • Drying after painting, coating, shrink labeling
  • Pneumatic conveying and sorting of plastic parts, plastic caps, small metal parts, or other components
  • Static elimination and cleaning of the interior or exterior of cans and bottles; metal sheets; parts or materials before powder coating or painting
  • Conveyor cleaning and drying
  • Vacuum hold down of fabrics, wood products, metal sheets

Electronic applications require clean air for drying and blow off.  Paxton Air Systems use 1/5 the energy of compressed air drying, blow off, or static elimination systems, while providing high quality clean air.  With the wide variety of air delivery devices available, Paxton Air Systems can clean and dry any component to meet exacting standards.


  • Water blow off
  • Flat Panel Displays
  • After wash or rinse
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Chemical blow off
  • Solar panels
  • After coating
  • Glass
  • Pre-packaging
  • Photovoltaic cells
  • Removal of dust or debris