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Installed Eco-Blow System


Water Removal System for Craft Breweries, Wineries and other Low Volume production facilities.

Compact and easy to install onto existing packaging lines. The SolvAir Eco-Blow offers small facilities an ECONOMIC solution whilst maintaining ENERGY EFFICIENCY. Suitable for production rates of 3000 bottle per hour with typical beer bottle sizes of 330ml and 500ml and standard wine bottles.

Installed onto your existing conveyor SolvAir Linear Air Blades provide a powerful drying zone for the bottles to pass through. The airstream from the blades shears water droplets from the surface of the bottle. Our high-speed centrifugal blower provides the airflow for the system.

The standard package includes:

  • Twin Air Blades / 304 Stainless Steel / 500mm & 600mm Long options / 76mmØ
  • Air Blade adjustable mounting kits / Stainless Steel
  • High Speed Energy Efficient Blower with Built-On inverter speed controller 4kW / 400v – 3ph
  • Air divider & Flexible tubes to connect blower to Air Blades

The Eco-Blow system counters these typical production issues:

  • Poor Label application
  • Bottle staining, poor shelf appearance
  • Crown cap issues, corrosion & contamination
  • Water migration onto other machine components downstream
  • Cardboard carton failure

Eco-Blow System Overview


EcoBlow PDF

Further Information

For further details please download the official Eco-Blow PDF or contact us for more information.